Product Governance

With regards to the FCA requirements in relation to Product Governance we confirm the following:


1. We have identified whether we are the product manufacturer or co-manufacturer

2. We have carried out a PROD assessment on each available product, including confirmation that we have:

  • Identified the target market for each product
  • Tested each product
  • Regularly monitor and review each product
  • Where there has been a significant change or amendment to the product we will put the amended product back through PROD assessment
  • Considered the charging and fee structure for each product
  • Rationalised why we have chosen your current distribution chain
  • Identified the characteristics and features of each product

3. The product approval process has identified whether each product provides fair value to customers in the target market including whether it will continue to do so for a reasonably foreseeable period, considering the pricing model used to calculate the risk premium:

  • For the initial policy term; and
  • Any future renewal

4. Where we are not the manufacturer but the wholesale distributor, we have obtained the information from the manufacturer

Please click on a product below to find either the product information or a link to the insurer’s own website for this information. These Target Market and Product Fair Value Statements should be read in conjunction with the existing policy wording and other product literature and can be downloaded from our website.


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Focus Residential Unoccupied Property Owners Policy
Focus Residential Property Owners Policy
Combined Contractors’ Liability Insurance
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Liability Insurance
Aqueous Professional Indemnity



Contractors Liability



Contractors Premises Property Damage



JCT 6.5.1



Larger Contractors Combined



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