Recent Wins
February 2019

We know our brokers are always interested in the types of business we are writing and recent wins. Therefore, we are going to update this page each month with a small selection of recent wins.

  Premium Trade Cover Insurer  
  £15,921.43 Bricklaying Contractor EL/PL Liberty  
  £2,378.75 Property Owner Residential Unoccupied ERGO  
  £8,358.01 Plumbing & Heating Engineers & Mechanical & Electrical Installers  EL/PL/CAR Antares  
  £941.77 Plumbing & Heating Engineers & Mechanical & Electrical Installers  PI CNA  
  £7,450.00 Scientific Research JCT 6.5.1 Tokio Marine HCC  
  £870.06 Mechanical & Electrical, Heating and Pipework Contractor Combined Covea  
  £768.58 Design, Manufacture, Sale & Installation of Wooden Flooring Systems PI CNA  
  £10,597.50 Groundworkers CAR/Plant HSB  
  £6,595.66 Scaffolding Erection EL/PL ARGO  
  £3,500.00 Bathroom Pod Manufacturer PI Aqueous  
  £612.00 Property Owner Property Owners Zurich  
  £959.45 Building, Plastering, Roofing and Property Maintenance  CAR only Zurich  
  £6,912.92 Steel Fabricators & Installers EL/PL Liberty  
  £6,800.00 Suppliers & Distributors of Motor Components Excess Layer CNA  
  £6,500.00 Builders CAR/Plant HSB  


So, get in touch – we can assist with all enquiries, quoting and cover needs. We look forward to hearing from you, at Focus we are always happy to talk.