Recent Wins
April 2017

We know our brokers are always interested in the types of business we are writing and recent wins. Therefore, we are going to update this page each month with a small selection of recent wins.

Premium Trade Cover Insurer
£51,960 Bond Perf Bond UK Surety
£25,180 General Builders EL/PL/CAR Prosight
£16,844 Scaffolding Contractor EL/PL Argenta
£12,318 Roofing Contractors EL/PL Argenta
£11,000 Roofing Contractors EL/PL Argenta
£9,167 Structural Engineering PI CNA
£8,774 Building & Property Development Contractors EL/PL/CAR Zurich
£8,096 Roofing & Building Maintenance EL/PL Argenta
£7,800 Testing & Commissioning Contractors To The Railway & High Voltage Power Industry EL/PL Novae
£6,557 Groundworks Contractor; Utility Installation, Maintenance and Renewals CAR Zurich
£5,043 Property Developer EL/PL/CAR Prosight
£4,016 Property Maintenance EL/PL/CAR Zurich
£3,312 New Build PDH & Small Commercial EL/PL/CAR Zurich
£2,939 Interior Design & Fit for Commercial Offices Excess Layer CNA
£2,588 Property Owner Residential Unoccupied ERGO


So, get in touch – we can assist with all enquiries, quoting and cover needs. We look forward to hearing from you, at Focus we are always happy to talk.