Recent Wins
October 2021

We know our Brokers are always interested in the types of business we are writing and recent wins. Therefore, we are going to update this page each month with a small selection of recent wins.

  Premium Trade Cover Insurer  
  £3,806.14 Window Installation and Repair and General Buildwork EL/PL/CAR Antares  
  £24,513.29 Fibre network build, maintenance, related service and product supplies EL/PL Aspen Managing Agency Ltd  
  £3,260.00 Commercial Interior Designers EL/PL Aspen Managing Agency Ltd  
  £1,284.00 Builder Excess Layer CNA  
  £4,103.75 Building Contractor CAR only HSB  
  £1,296.00 Steel Fabrication & Installation Combined NIG  
  £1,155.34 Design, Supply, Sale & Installation of Racking & Shelving Systems Material Damage NIG  
  £24,982.14 Latent defects – Redevelopmnent of Imperial House, The Hyde, Edware Road, London, NW9 5AL Latent Defect One Guarantee  
  £12,039.09 Groundworks Contractor EL/PL Tokio Marine HCC  
  £5,469.61 Building Contractor Construction of Domestic buildings, Extensions, Domestic & Commercial Refurbishments EL/PL Tokio Marine HCC  
  £2,308.14 Property Owner Unoccupied Property Watford Insurance Company Europe Ltd  
  £5,020.00 Groundworks Contractor EL/PL/CAR Zurich  
  £1,413.86 Builders – All Premises CAR only Zurich  
  £1,383.60 Building Contractors CAR only HSB  
  £8,031.95 Mechanical Engineers – air conditioning and refrigeration including plumbing. EL/PL Tokio Marine HCC  
  £5,119.10 Builder & Project Manager Unoccupied Property Watford Insurance Co  
  £500.00 Lifting Plant Inspections, Certification, Repairs & Sales CAR only HSB  
  £4,461.13 Cavity Wall Insulation, Loft Insulation, Drought Proofing and Solid Wall Insulation Contractors EL/PL Aspen Managing Agency Ltd  
  £1,579.46 Consultancy services to law firms and other SMEs PI Aqueous  
  £653.57 Consultancy and Investment Agency – Agency and Brokerage in Commercial Property and Residential Development Land PI Aqueous  


So, get in touch – we can assist with all enquiries, quoting and cover needs. We look forward to hearing from you – at Focus, we are always happy to talk.