Recent Wins
February 2022

We know our Brokers are always interested in the types of business we are writing and recent wins. Therefore, we are going to update this page each month with a small selection of recent wins.

  Premium Trade Cover Insurer  
  £9,664.76 Building preservation and insulation contractors EL/PL/CAR Antares  
  £9,930.16 Roofers Excluding Heat, Builders & Property Maintenance & Repairs EL/PL Aspen Managing Agency Ltd  
  £2,355.04 Utilities Groundworkers Excess Layer CNA  
  £11,251.82 Entertainment Venue and Bar Operator CAR only HSB  
  £2,475.77 Mechanical, Heating, Plumbing and Ventilation Engineers Contractors own premises NIG  
  £377.36 Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning & Ventilation Contractors D&O RSA  
  £12,028.95 General Builders, Developers & Contractors EL/PL Tokio Marine HCC  
  £13,849.00 Design & Build Contractor Performance Bond UK Surety  
  £1,622.98 Property Owners Unoccupied property Watford Insurance Company Europe Ltd  
  £7,424.92 Building Contractors EL/PL/CAR Zurich  
  £1,956.30 General Builders, Developers & Contractors CAR only HSB  
  £5,174.64 Swimming pool contractors including some confined space works, refurbishment works, groundwork and excavation works, installation and servicing, pipe work repair EL/PL Tokio Marine HCC  
  £2,284.75 General Building Contractors EL/PL/CAR Zurich  
  £750.00 Property Owners CAR only HSB  
  £3,984.98 Groundworks and Civil Engineering Contractors EL/PL Tokio Marine HCC  
  £852.50 Commissioning & Testing of HVAC Systems & Water Treatment Excess Layer CNA  
  £1,950.00 Construction Contractors JCT 6.5.1 Tokio Marine HCC  
  £4,400.00 General Building Contractors JCT 6.5.1 Tokio Marine HCC  
  £3,003.01 Decking Contractor EL/PL/CAR Zurich  
  £3,254.86 Loft Converter EL/PL/CAR Zurich  

So, get in touch – we can assist with all enquiries, quoting and cover needs. We look forward to hearing from you – at Focus, we are always happy to talk.