Our Expanding Appetite for Property Owners Business


Our Expanding Appetite for Property Owners Business

Here at Focus, we work hard to continually expand our Product range and appetite for business in line with our Brokers’ growing needs. And, following your feedback confirming the necessity for new, high-quality Products in the Property Owners insurance sector, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing.

Over the past year, the number of Products in our portfolio catering specifically to the Property Owners sector has doubled from two to four, demonstrating our steadily growing appetite for business in this area. We are supported by an increasing panel of well-known Insurer Partners keen to take advantage of our expanding distribution network, and now have facilities in place with Zurich, Great Lakes and China Taiping – all of whom are ‘A’-rated Insurers.

Our Range

1. Zurich

Property Owners – Portfolios

Our Zurich facility offers comprehensive and competitive cover for both Commercial and Residential lets. Policy holders benefit from low premiums (£350 for Material Damage and £1,000 for Subsidence) and 35% Day 1 Uplift on Material Damage as standard, with the option to increase this to 50%. This Product can be quoted on a Statement of Fact basis, with no proposal form required, and it is also part of our Delegated Authority range, meaning that we can return your quote within 24 hours with our speedy quote and bind service.

2. Great Lakes

Unoccupied Property

Our hugely popular and successful Unoccupied Property Product is a massive hit with our Broker community, and has the highest conversion rate of all the Products in our range. We provide cover for both Commercial and Residential premises, with varying excesses and levels of cover available.

Property Owners – Residential Only

More recently, our Property Owners – Residential Only facility was introduced to build on our existing Unoccupied Property provision, and offers full cover for Occupied Residential lets. The Product considers all Residential properties, including houses, blocks of up to 12 flats and individual flats. It comes with Full Perils cover as standard, with the option to add Accidental Damage for Buildings, Malicious Damage by Tenant and Loss of Keys cover as needed.

3. China Taiping

Property Owners – Multi-Property

Our newest Property Owners facility with China Taiping caters especially for owners of multiple properties. While it deals mainly with Commercial Property, it can also accommodate certain mixed commercial and residential cases as required. It allows us to offer exclusive quotations on a prior submit basis from a limited access market, with a wide variety of perils covered.

Our special blog

Property Owners are also facing a spike in insurance premiums for the first time in over a decade, compounded by the anticipated impact of a raft of new and proposed legislation with the potential to greatly increase their costs – rendering the availability of high-quality insurance Products ever more important.

To find out more about these issues, you can read our special blog which looks into some of the top issues and legislative changes Property Owners could be facing this year. It’s a new decade and is set to be a big year for change, so we’ve split our top 10 list into two parts and will be posting the second half next week.

Click here to read about the first five issues Property Owners could be dealing with in 2020.

As always, if you would like any more information on our appetite for business or any of the Products mentioned above, please contact our Underwriters on 0345 345 0777 or email: sales@focus-insurance.com

We’re always happy to talk about any enquiries you may have.