Legal Expenses


Legal Expenses

Increasingly businesses are exposed to defending themselves legally in circumstances that cannot necessarily be foreseen. Legal advice can be very expensive depending on the complexity of the matter involved.

Legal Expenses is an important business insurance, and we can only recommend that all brokers consider this type of insurance for their clients.


  • Statement of fact basis – no proposal form required
  • Competitive premiums
  • Basic sum insured


  • Employment disputes, compensation awards and restrictive covenants: defending your legal rights in staffing matters
  • Tax investigations and VAT disputes: defending your business’s position in aspect and full enquiries by HM Revenue & Customs, including IR35 and in appeals arising from VAT assessments
  • Property protection: pursuing damage, nuisance, trespass or recovery claims for property
  • Legal defence: cover in the case of health & safety breaches and criminal prosecutions including motor related incidents
  • Compliance and regulation: defending compliance for statutory licences and regulation issues
  • Crisis communications: damage control and reputation management if facing negative PR
  • Employees’ extra protection and identity theft protection: defending individual employees against allegations of unlawful discrimination, plus representation for directors and partners who fall foul of identity theft
  • Contract and debt recovery: pursuing or defending your rights over the supply of goods and services or for debt recovery actions


  • Policies can be tailor-made to suit your client’s individual needs


  • All home working businesses