Choose Focus for Quality Combined Liability
31 March 2021

You may remember that we wrote several weeks ago to tell you about our flagship Contractors Liability facility in partnership with Zurich. We have been working with Zurich to provide this Product since 2004 and are confident in its ability to offer highly competitive, flexible cover across a wide range of Trades. So, we couldn’t help writing about it again!

Product Benefits

Some key features of this facility are listed below:

  • Contract Works up to £3.5m
  • No bona-fide subcontractors’ (BFSC) warranty unless otherwise stated
  • No end-of-year declaration unless otherwise stated

Our Brokers also particularly enjoy two unique aspects of the policy, the first being that it can be written on a two-year deal basis. Secondly, premiums on this flexible policy are subject to discount on completion of a simple, 10-question Quality Risk Assessment Form, making it easier for you to access high-quality, affordable insurance for your clients.

Combined Cover

Furthermore, our Contractors Liability policy can be written as a combination of PL, PL&EL, PL&EL&CAR or CAR on its own. And don’t forget that it also comes with Legal Expenses cover (including contract disputes) and our specialist Site Safety Assessment Tool, which helps contractors assess and mitigate their level of onsite risk, helping them reduce premiums further in future.

Fact Find

To make it easier for you to collect the requisite information from your clients, we provide a writable online Fact Find, which you can access here. Our design team can dual-brand this with your own logo should you wish, providing you with a fact-finding document that is unique to your business.

Should you wish to discuss the benefits of this or any other Product in our range, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to talk.

We are happy to talk through the benefits of this policy or any other in our range, so please give us a call on 0345 345 0777 or email, or visit our website page for more information.