Grenfell Tower
19th July 2017

Our partner insurer Zurich has recently sent around the following information regarding help and support that they are offering. As a partner insurer, we decided to share the information with our clients in a similar way.

The recent events at Grenfell Tower are tragic with wide-reaching impact and we continue to respond to a variety of queries from customers, brokers, government and other parties impacted.

A small, multi-disciplinary team has been setup in Zurich to collate and review customer queries and to provide specific technical support and guidance where appropriate.

The Government has announced a Public Inquiry into the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower, and we will be watching closely the findings and recommendations it brings. We will happily collaborate with the inquiry as well as any other pieces of work to safeguard people and the buildings in which they live and work.

Our initial recommendations, key questions & answers and current technical guidance can be found by following this link. This includes recommended steps that anyone with a property portfolio should consider taking.

Please do revisit these pages over the coming weeks as we will continue to publish further Q&A, recommended actions, and technical materials as the facts are established and we identify where our breadth of expertise and services can come together to assist you.

We hope the above has been of interest. At Focus we are always happy to assist.