25 August 2022
Relaunching: Contractors Own Premises Property Damage!

For many years, Focus has provided insurance cover for Contractors Own Premises, sometimes a difficult cover to obtain at a competitive premium. Now, we are delighted to relaunch this facility with NIG, offering the following Core Cover:

  • Business Contents including Fixtures, Fittings & Stock
  • Business Interruption
  • Glass & Money
  • Personal Accident (Assault)

Additional Covers Available

  • Business Buildings
  • Computer Software & Systems Records
  • Goods-in-Transit
  • Legal Expenses
  • Site Safety Assessment Tool
  • Terrorism

Now a Delegated Authority product

This updated facility allows Focus to write Contractors Own Premises business on a Delegated Authority basis, meaning that we can quote, bind cover, and provide all the relevant policy documentation within 24 hours in most cases.

To find out more about the core and additional cover provided by our revamped facility, please visit our website, or download and fill in our simple Fact Find specifically for this type of insurance in order to obtain an easy quote.

The minimum premium for this product is £500 plus IPT.

Let us help

If you have any Contractors Own Premises business, now is the time to get in touch! We look forward to talking with you further about how we can assist you and your clients in the search for the most suitable cover.