Construction Campaign – Liberty

20th July 2018


The Focus Construction Campaign – Liberty has arrived and will be running until the 30th July 2018.


After 20 years, the Focus ethos remains the same and we are committed to supplying quality Construction products at competitive premiums, with service levels unrivalled in the market.


Focus and Liberty regard each other as key partners working together, and over the past five years the account has achieved the fastest growth. Both Focus and Liberty are dedicated to developing the account and encouraging further growth at an ever-faster pace.


The Liberty scheme remains committed to quoting for ‘heavier’ contracting trades, and with immediate effect Liberty have now advised further discounted rates for a number of key contracting trades. To find out more about Liberty’s wide variety of target trades and benefits, visit our dedicated website page.


Focus will be working ever harder to give you the best possible quotes and service and can provide competitive business packages including CAR.


We are dedicated to helping and supporting our brokers every step of the way, so do not hesitate to get in contact today.


We look forward to receiving your enquiries.