Flexible Single Contract CAR Policies from Focus
17 December 2020

At Focus we’re working hard to bring you quotations on our competitive and flexible range of Products – like our Contractors All Risks – Single Contract facility, in partnership with HSB.

Single project CAR is a flexible and cost-effective type of insurance that is suited to developers who only carry out building work intermittently and so have no need of an annual policy. It also enables property owners and developers to retain full control of the insurance for a given project, removing the need to rely on the insurances of the various sub-contractors involved.

As a specialist CAR underwriter, HSB is highly aware of the complex needs of CAR policyholders; our partnership allows us to tailor the wording of our Contractors All Risk – Single Contract policies to suit those requirements.

Product Benefits

This competitive Product offers the following benefits:

  • Single contract works up to £20m
  • Higher contract values considered for larger PDH developments with a good spread of risk and phased handovers
  • Flexible underwriting and excesses
  • Additional covers available on request
  • And many more – see our website for details!

To get started, please download our Contractors All Risks – Single Contract Proposal Form. We will usually be able to provide your quotation within 72 hours of receiving your completed form.

For more information, please call us on 0345 345 0777 or email sales@focus-insurance.com.