14 November 2022
Construction Trade Appetite

I hope you’re keeping well as we move into the Autumn months. I am just emailing to touch base, check that everything is going OK and, of course, see whether you need our assistance with placing any construction business you may have.

Broad trade list

As a specialist construction underwriter with 25 years’ experience, we can help place business for a wide variety of construction trades – even those which may be perceived as more hazardous or higher risk. Why not take a look at our list detailing our current trade appetite, most of which is catered for on our Delegated Authorities.

View our trade appetite

Because of our extensive trade appetite, I will be able to give you a quotation for the vast majority of risks, arrange cover and issue policy document all on the same day.

Just to remind you, we can write EL and PL with or without CAR, as well as CAR in isolation or single-contract CAR business.

Should you wish to discuss a case with me or get a quick quote, remember that I’m only a phone call away.