12th December 2016
CITB to overhaul levy consensus process

Construction News has reported that the CITB is to overhaul the way in which it gets permission from the sector to continue to receive its training levy.

Currently, construction firms whose annual wage bill exceeds £80,000 pay 0.5 per cent of that to the CITB.

The CITB, every three years, has to get government permission to continue receiving the money from the sector.

The CITB consults companies before the government approves the levy. It will increase to 6,000 the number of firms it consults before the three-year period comes to an end.

To get the Levy Order accepted the CITB has to demonstrate it has industry support by achieving a consensus of 50 per cent or more from the companies surveyed. In 2013, 86 per cent of the number of employers consulted (1,900) supported the levy.

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