14 November 2022
Product of the Month – Unoccupied Property

Do you have problems when trying to place unoccupied property business and/or more difficult-to-place risks such as industrial units, residential property or warehouses?

At Focus, we specialise in competitive quotes for unoccupied buildings on our Delegated Authority binder, with buildings sum insured up to £3.5m. Our special relationship with our Insurer Partner allows us to give you a same-day quotation for limited perils and, in some cases, full perils.

A track record of placing difficult risks

In the past, Focus has been able to assist brokers in finding solutions for difficult-to-place unoccupied premises, such as night clubs, pubs, cinemas, leisure centres and nursing homes. So why not give us a try to find out what we can do to help?

For more information or to download our proposal document, please visit our website at the link below:

See more about our Unoccupied Property offering

We hope that Focus will be your number one point of contact in the future should you be looking to place unoccupied property or other unusual property business.