7 August 2023
Focus Product Governance

As you know, the FCA’s Product Goverance rules are designed to help ensure that insurance products represent fair value for customers and that products meet the needs of the intended target.

To help us to meet our obligations as part of the distribution chain, we have completed a proportionate product oversight and governance process for our products. Product information for all products that we manufacture or co-manufacture is available on our website. Product information for products that we distribute are being added as they become available. This information can be found at Product Governance on our website.

As part of our obligations, we need to ensure that all of our placing brokers:

  • Have robust controls in place to ensure good customer outcomes and that the products they sell represent fair value to the customer
  • Make the distribution chain for these products clear and transparent to their clients
  • Ensure any additional charges are fair, justified and disclosed up front to the customer
  • Conform to all regulatory obligations regarding remuneration

If you cannot agree with these statements, please contact us immediately.