7th January 2015
More than just Construction

Happy New Year. One of our resolutions for 2015 is to help as many brokers as possible with quotations for our wider range of products – Commercial and Professions, as well as for what we’re best-known: Construction.

At Focus, we find that we have become particularly competitive in the following business lines:


  • Combined Insurance for small to medium enterprise (SME) for manufacturing businesses
  • Package Business for Offices, Shops, Restaurants and Cafes
  • Property Owners, including unoccupied premises


  • General Building Contractors (turnovers above and below £1m)
  • Plumbers, Heating & Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Professional Indemnity Design & Construct
  • Performance Bonds


  • Professional Indemnity, including Financial Institutions
  • Office Packages
  • Computer Covers

So, in 2015 please remember to contact us with any enquiries you have for Commercial, Construction and Professions.