3rd October 2016
Quarter 4 Enhanced Remuneration Initiative

As a member of The Purple Partnership, you will be aware that Focus offer Construction products at advantageous terms.

Following discussions with The Purple Partnership Management Team, and reflecting our desire to recognise the increasingly strong relationship, it has been agreed to offer a further 2.5% commission on all new Construction business with a premium over £1,500 (+IPT), placed in quarter 4 of 2016.

The initiative is as follows:

All construction products (excluding performance bonds)

Focus will pay an additional 2.5% commission on all new construction business placed over £1,500 (+IPT) premium

Initiative to run for period 1st October to 31st December 2016

Please click here for full details, printable product sheet and downloadable fact find.

To discuss this initiative and new business quotes, please call me your dedicated underwriter