Latent Defects
(Structural Warranty)


Latent Defects (Structural Warranty)

Latent Defects (Structural Warranty) is a form of security provided by Property Developers as a building warranty. The warranty insures the owner against certain structural defects, which can often be costly for a new homeowner or future property owner to rectify. A typical warranty period is usually between 10 and 12 years. 


Focus works with a Warranty Partner to source Latent Defects (Structural Warranty) cover in this specialist marketplace. This ensures we can help our Brokers to provide their clients with the warranty that best suits their needs. Please note that underwriters are unable to quote where work has already started.


Structural Warranties – a range of covers depending on the type of premises requiring warranty.


  • New Homes Development
  • Commercial Development
  • Social Housing Development
  • Private Rental Development
  • Mixed Development