Marine Cargo


Marine Cargo
Focus can provide quotations for Marine Cargo business with a usual quote turnaround of 24 hours.


  • Cargo stock throughput and insured’s own Goods-in-Transit risks
  • Inland transit risks within UK only
  • Total annual sendings value, or turnover, up to £50m
  • World-to-world voyages, including cross-voyages which may not even touch the UK during the shipment process

Core Cover

  • All Risks cover policy with built-in limits:
    • Own Vehicles
    • Tools & Samples within Engineers’ and Sales Representatives’ Vehicles
    • Postal Sendings
    • Unspecified Storage Locations & Exhibitions (UK and rest of world)
    • Worldwide cover

Additional Covers

  • Stock throughput capabilities over multiple locations (including overseas)

Target Business

  • All Marine Cargo business
  • Single Shipment Cargo business