Health & Safety Risk Management


Health & Safety Risk Management

Focus know that businesses are keener than ever to get quality insurance cover for the best possible premium. We are committed to helping Brokers help their clients to do just that. Premiums are, of course, significantly affected by the claims record of the client. The industry in which they are involved, as well as working practices and security, also have an impact .

At Focus we believe that we have a responsibility to help Brokers to help their clients manage risk and so keep future premiums and policy terms down. We have developed an online self-assessment tool with our risk management partners – Cardinus – to do just that.

This tool provides your clients with the ability to self-assess their risk management practices. Once assessed, Cardinus can provide consultancy services and professional guidance.


  • Access to a unique online self-assessment system
  • Risk management information library
  • Realistic cost for basic self-assessment


  • Online self-assessment system to check working practices


  • Ability to upgrade to full risk management
  • Advice by professional risk managers
  • Site visits giving ongoing information for businesses


  • Commercial Businesses
  • Manufacturing Premises
  • Property Owners
  • Retail Premises
  • Shops & Offices