Access to Lloyd’s


Access to Lloyd’s

Our arrangement for access to Lloyd’s is with one of our trading partners who have presence within Lloyd’s. We can help with the larger or more complex businesses with underwriting features, which do not fit in with your current market arrangements.

Business on which you require a quotation  can be property led or liability led and in the first instance you should ring to discuss cases with your usual underwriter.  We will then be able to provide a Fact Find and discuss with you relevant information required for the risk to be presented to our Lloyd’s Underwriters for quotation.

Certain risks are best placed at Lloyd’s as the underwriters there tend to take a different view of business that may be classed as non-standard in the composite insurance market.  Risks may be viewed as non-standard, as examples, for type of work/manufacture undertaken or premises occupied, high location sums insured or perceived high risk in liability.  Often the more unusual or niche risks attract Lloyd’s underwriters appetite to quote.

We would welcome talking to you about business you feel you would like a Lloyd’s quotation for and are prepared to discuss any risk, however large or small.