17th December 2020
Can you guess the construction slang?

Throughout 2020, Focus has aimed to bring you regular blogs keeping you up to date with insightful, topical news on the construction industry on its journey through a very difficult year. But tell you what – we’ve all had a difficult year and late December is no time for seriousness. So, let’s do a quiz instead! Can you guess what these construction terms actually mean? Take your guess, click on the word and the answer will appear. Let’s go!

Tip 1 1. Chippy

Tip 2 2. Dob and dab

Tip 3 3. Rubber duck

Tip 4 4. Sparky

Tip 5 5. Gobbo and muck

Tip 6 6. Dirty money

Tip 7 7. Soldier course

Tip 8 8. Cowboy


Construction slang really is a whole new language – how many did you get right?

That’s it from us this year at Focus. We’ll be back in 2021 with a whole host of interesting new blog content to enjoy. For now, though, we hope you enjoy a relaxed and safe Christmas with your loved ones, and a Happy New Year.